Retail & E-Commerce

Consumers´ purchasing habits have changed; today they are highly influenced by the internet and the rapid development of e-commerce. Connectivity has transformed the way we sell, buy, experience and tell about our experience. Brands have to maximize the opportunities and reduce the challengers that emerge with new ways to engage consumers.

Nowadays, the number of internet shoppers exceeds 100,000 million worldwide. Also, in many industries, online sales exceeded more than half of its total sales. This type of interaction prioritizes personal data privacy, multi-devices and platform adoption and innovation.

We offer retail clients comprehensive, cost-effective solutions to improve customer service, increase sales, reduce expenses, enhance operational efficiencies, and improve security.

TNI offers an extensive range of Managed IT/TELECOM services for many companies in the consumer products industry. We assist and manage their entire IT/TELECOM infrastructure which empowers their IT staff to focus on business objectives and have peace of mind knowing experts manage their IT/TELECOM systems.

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