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TNI manages your connectivity, independent from the status of other in-band network components allowing you to improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance the intelligence of your network and business operations.

Many business systems have now become reliant on constant connectivity and although traditional broadband outages are at their lowest level in the cities, they do still occasionally go down and the frequency increases in rural areas.

TNI 4G/LTE Failover Solution offer Wireless Failover Business connectivity solutions, which can play a key role in meeting these requirements. By combining WAN connectivity and 4G/LTE, your broadband connection will automatically failover to 4G/LTE networks when the primary connection is lost. When the main connection is back on, it will automatically failback to main connection to prevent data overage.

TNI 4G/LTE Failover can help you create a secure, non-interruptive and cost effective network solution as per your needs


When you build a network for either a small business or Enterprise, the network has to meet the three basic requirements:

  • Consistent and reliable Network Connectivity
  • Cost Effective
  • Professional Monitoring


  • Automatically rolling over to the 4G/LTE Failover when primary down.
  • Being simple, scalable, easy to Deploy.
  • Remote management and monitoring.
  • A business Connectivity solution fully managed by TNI.
  • Eliminate downtime, save money by keeping employees productive.
  • Using Industry leading 4G/LTE router (Accelerated/Cradle Point/BEC Wireless)

Left Label

$12TNI 4G/LTE Failover Feature

  • 4G LTE Failover Data Service
  • Preconfigured 4G/LTE Router
  • Usage Alert Via Email
  • Fully Automatic Internet Failover
  • Always On Internet
  • Data Pooling Across all Locations
  • Fully Managed Solution
  • External Static IP per month
  • Included Monthly Data
  • Cost per GigaByte additional Data
  • Which Package is suitable

  • Small business with a Dual-WAN router fewer than 3-locations
  • Multi location business with Dual Wan router

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$299.99 plus$ 19.99 Per Month

  • optional $ 3.99/month
  • 100 MB
  • $15.00
  • 0


$399.99 plus$ 29.99 Per Month

  • 2 GB
  • $15.00
  • 0

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