With all of the “moving parts” in enterprise IT/TELECOM environment, you need to find a “trusted advisor” that understands how to deliver on your strategic vision. A technology partner with operating experience making all of these systems and devices work together. A partner that can grow your business by applying IT/TELECOM infrastructure and processes in a precise way.

The IT Professionals at TNI understand that different industries have different needs; technologically and strategically. That is why we have created our company and our service offerings to focus on the individual needs of our clients; making “promises on delivery and delivering on promises.

Our professional services teams have 20+ years of experience in many industries along with the technical proficiency to analyze and implement technology-based solutions to improve business performance in industry sectors that heavily rely on their IT/TELECOM infrastructure. This accumulation of in-depth knowledge, our results focus, and our reputation for customer service sets us apart from other managed services providers.

  • We understand business needs and problems, especially challenges for compliance regulations, reliability, performance, and risk management.
  • We have established specific Service Level Agreements in particular industries that better meet the needs of our clients.
  • Our experience and long-term relationships with our clients demonstrate our leadership in the managed services marketplace in many industries.
  • Our “in-the-field” experience in configuring, implementing, and maintaining IT/TELECOM infrastructure for enterprises in various industries gives our clients the ability to leverage IT/TELECOM solutions across an extensive knowledge base.

Every industry has a distinct set of risks inherent to it. The experts at TNI have a depth of specialized experience across all industries. As part of an ongoing and candid dialogue, we support and continually refine client business IT/TELECOM strategies. Our assessment, design, and configuration process demonstrates first-hand experience how our solutions have impacted organizations. These are just some of the sectors we service.

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